Sometimes unavoidable situations happen that leaves us distraught but we are forced to move on due to circumstances and fail to have any sort of closure.   Over two years ago I got retrenched from a job that I really loved at first then eventually just hanged on because I really liked my colleagues. We […]

So-called friends

catch tail game

People are multifaceted and there will be always be quirks that is very annoying. The following are my top pet peeves. Borrowers They are usually nice, outgoing and friendly. Once in a while they will say hi and ask how you are doing over popular social media. They are so nice that when they suddenly […]

Finding That Bit of Sunshine

What do you do when  you reach a point in your life and realize you spent most of it going after ideals that are expected from a “good” person? You’ve exhausted yourself trying to conform to expectations set by your family and peers. Then you can’t admit you are unhappy and discontent because your religion […]