Negros Island

Negros island is the fourth largest in the Philippine archipelago and one of the major producer of sugar in the country. It’s a common sight to see sugarcane fields lining the road especially towards the northern part of the island where a lot of sugar mills are located. Romantic Negros Island Sugar became the most […]

Beach destination: Siargao

Siargao is better known as a surfing destination and previously ignored invitations to visit because I’m not interested in the sport. They have this beautiful pier that leads close to the huge waves with comfortable shelters at both ends allowing spectators to enjoy the sport without getting their feet wet. Aside from surfing, the destination […]

Bacolod’s Masskara Festival

Bacolod City Masskara Festival

Bacolod city celebrates Masskara festival on the 3rd week of October. It’s not tied to any religious occasion like most festivals in the Philippines. It’s simply a time for locals to come out and make happy around the City of Smiles. It started back in 1980 during a period of crisis that the city government and […]