Sometimes unavoidable situations happen that leaves us distraught but we are forced to move on due to circumstances and fail to have any sort of closure.   Over two years ago I got retrenched from a job that I really loved at first then eventually just hanged on because I really liked my colleagues. We […]

Negros Island

Negros island is the fourth largest in the Philippine archipelago and one of the major producer of sugar in the country. It’s a common sight to see sugarcane fields lining the road especially towards the northern part of the island where a lot of sugar mills are located. Romantic Negros Island Sugar became the most […]

As We Gather

I was asked to accompany our local church choir recently and was really sad that I was not able to play the keyboard well cause I still need lots of practice. I’m grateful though for the chance to serve with whatever stage my talent is at. Since then I’ve been practicing and I plan to […]

Learning to Mix Colors

I’ve been happily stumbling along learning how to paint with watercolors by watching Youtube videos but I can’t really follow most of the tutorials because I can’t even mix the right colors. That is until I happened to watch how watercolour charts are done as demonstrated by Teoh Yi Chie from . My color […]

Music Video

I’ve gone back to school for a post graduate degree in Information Technology. This semester I picked a course in multimedia as part of my elective and it required that students produce a music video as part of the final requirements. I chose the song Dare You to Move by switchfoot and tried to show […]