Happy at my watercolor progress

I started to learn watercolor from YouTube videos around October 2015. All I can do then is follow instructions on videos. After practicing for several months I can now happily draw simple things from my life, from what I see around me. 

At first I just followed along tutorials then slowly I became aware of details like color theory, perspective, vanishing point and etc.  from helpful people who shared their talent and knowledge freely on YouTube. 

It makes me really happy to see what I can paint now and I’m looking forward to learning more. 

Thank you to the following wonderful people in YouTube:

Alphonso Dunn shares a lot of art tutorials and I learned a lot about drawing from him. He’s so clear and patient in explaining everything I needed to know to improve at drawing. 

Teoh Yi Chie shares a lot of product reviews and tips on urban sketching. I can’t afford to go buy art supplies to try them out so his channel really helped me pick out supplies I can practice with. 

Steve Mitchell of The Mind of Watercolor channel is a goldmine of watercolor tips and techniques. 

Fanstasvale who’s colorful and fun channel inspired me to learn watercolor a few years ago. Her watercolor tutorial introduced me to the endorphin rush completing a painting gives.  

I follow a lot of talented people in YouTube but I really feel like I owe what I can do now to them. 


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