Family Baby’s 1st Road Trip

My sister had a dangerous pregnancy. From the foetus sitting too low in her womb, her amniotic fluid leaking, her blood pressure rising and a lot more. We were scared for her but all we can do is pray.  So Mama and I went to Barangay Simala in the town of Cacar, Cebu. I’ve been there before and my previous prayer request was heard and answered so I wanted to go back to give thanks and my mom came along to pray for my very pregnant sister.

With heartfelt prayers to Mama Mary for her intercession on our behalf to our Lord Jesus to safely deliver my sister’s baby and bless both mother and child with good health, which we believed at that time would have take a miracle to achieve.  Once again our prayers were answered and we set off together with the miracle baby to give thanks at Simala.

Taking the baby along proved to be quite a logistics challenge because of all the accessories used to care for the baby — rocker, bottles, steriliser, clothes, bedrolls and lots of other supplies. We eventually decided to just drive all the way from home with our luggage distributed between two cars. Driving from one island to another is a first for me and most of my family. We relied on google maps to find our way – this trip would have been impossible without google maps.


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