Watercolor Paper Quality Matters

A friend advised me to find and use the best watercolor paper in local stores because I will appreciate painting more on quality material. I was hesitant at first because paper here is expensive and I’m still learning from online tutorials. I was happy to practice on the affordable paper I initially found because most of the tutorials I was watching was showing wet on dry painting until I happen to and fell in love with Fantasvale’s tutorials. The watercolor tutorials on Fantasvale are mostly wet on wet and I found it hard to follow with my paper so I searched around and found a store that sells paper per piece and got just one. It does not have a name but the paper is nice, thick and cost seven times my current paper.

Using this new paper I tried to follow another Fantasvale tutorial and found it easier to work, the paper can hold so much more water and the color blends better. Even with my clumsy attempts the outcome is the nicest one so far. So yeah, paper quality matters a lot.



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