Earthy lightroom filter

Hallows! I just want to share the “earthy” lightroom filter which is now included in the “Liyfe Presets”

The earthy filter is subdued and works best on subjects with natural lighting. I find it useful mostly on floras to highlight the subject by creating an overall subdued highlight by tinting close to earth tones like in the following examples:

random_lrcat_-_Adobe_Photoshop_Lightroom_-_Develop random_lrcat_-_Adobe_Photoshop_Lightroom_-_Develop 5

The filter was originally created to attempt a more earth toned feel to portraits without complicated layer manipulations in photo editing tools. In this, the filter has fallen short of my desired effect but still quite usable for quick posts like the following example:

random_lrcat_-_Adobe_Photoshop_Lightroom_-_Develop 2

On landscapes, the filter adds a bit of depth to flat snapshots like in the following example:

random_lrcat_-_Adobe_Photoshop_Lightroom_-_Develop 6

I’ve started using Instagram and found the existing filters wanting after a while which prompt my update on Liyfe presets

If you have Adobe Lightroom and keen to try the filter for yourself then

  1. Download the Liyfe presets.
  2. Unzip and copy the contents to your presets folder. Forgot where the presets folder is?
    • open Lightroom
    • from the menu choose Lightroom>Preferences.
    • a popup will appear. Select the “Presets” tab then click on the button labeled “Show Lightroom Presets Folder”
    • close Lightroom. Newly copied presets only appears after reloading the software.
  3. Open lightroom and it should appear as “Liyfe Presets” on you presets panel.

Enjoy 🙂


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