Moody lightroom filter

I use Adobe Lightroom to process my pictures and create filters to make batch processing a lot easier. Today I’m feeling moody and ended up processing pictures t0 match how i feel. Saving and then applying the filter over and over again seem to have helped alleviate my gloominess … it felt like i’m stamping my mood away on every picture I applied it to.

The filter looks nice on subjects that are small or contained like the following:








Or indoor subjects










The filter does not apply well to outdoor subjects except those with tight compositions and rarely works well with portraits unless the subject is posed to look moody.










If you have Adobe Lightroom and keen to try the filter for yourself then

  1. Download the moody filter.
  2. Unzip and copy the contents to your presets folder. Forgot where the presets folder is?
    • open Lightroom
    • from the menu choose Lightroom>Preferences.
    • a popup will appear. Select the “Presets” tab then click on the button labeled “Show Lightroom Presets Folder”
    • close Lightroom. Newly copied presets only appears after reloading the software.
  3. Open lightroom and it should appear as “Liyfe Presets” on you presets panel.


Enjoy 🙂





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