Beach destination: Siargao

Cloud 9Siargao is better known as a surfing destination and previously ignored invitations to visit because I’m not interested in the sport. They have this beautiful pier that leads close to the huge waves with comfortable shelters at both ends allowing spectators to enjoy the sport without getting their feet wet. Aside from surfing, the destination has more to offer.

Sugba Lagoon
My favourite part of Siargao is the Sugba Lagoon. It’s so quiet and beautiful. This tour company can help you get there. Pack everything for the day and take with you because this slice of paradise is  a couple of hours away by boat. Be ready to rough it out and forget about going to the toilet.
Sugba Lagoon

Magpupungko Beach
Amazing rock formations along the beach that forms tidal pools accessible during low tides. Check out this other blog with full details about Magpupungko beach.
Mapupungko beach


Island Hopping
Siargao is a group of beautiful islands, most of them uninhabited. Make arrangements with a local tour company and they will usually provide a small boat with a tour guide for the day.

One popular hop is to the “Naked Island”. It’s not a naked beach destination. This curious island or sandbank is devoid of any vegetation. Island hopping tours usually include a short stop here on their itinerary.
Naked Island


Siargao is beautiful, relaxing and still under developed which makes it relatively free of tourist crowds.


Things to consider if you want to visit Siargao

+ reaching the island is easy
There are regular flights from Cebu to Siargao. Cebu city has both local and international airport making it ideal for connecting flights.

– cash payments and limited banks/ATMs
Most of the hotel/hostels in the island are owned by foreigners but credit cards might not be accepted. Checked your accommodation for their available payment method. Some resorts accepts paypal but avaible internet connection is not reliable.

– transportation within the island is limited
Book a resort with roundtrip airport/seaport transfer because there are no taxis or buses. Motorcycles are the most common form of transportation which you can rent for the duration of your stay. If you can’t ride a motorbike make arrangements with a local tour company to include land transportation in your packages.



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