So-called friends

People are multifaceted and there will be always be quirks that is very annoying. The following are my top pet peeves.

They are usually nice, outgoing and friendly. Once in a while they will say hi and ask how you are doing over popular social media. They are so nice that when they suddenly call you to borrow money it’s very hard to say no. If pressed for the loan to be repaid, they will end up making you feel like the bad guy because you’re not being nice.

So how do I differentiate from actual friends? It takes time because expert borrowers rotates their sources and are usually caught only when common friends start complaining.

Dirty Gossips
I love to chit chat with my friends and sometimes we find ourselves gossiping about someone.  Most of the time it’s harmless fun, like recalling funny incidents about a certain person but sometimes the dirty gossip will share embarrassing secrets just to get everyone’s attention. Usually the secret the dirty gossip shares is out of context from the ongoing conversation — just shared for the shock factor the information brings.

So how to spot a dirty gossip? He/She is usually a great listener, someone who seems sympathetic and willing to listen to your problems. Got issues like in your marriage, finances, family or health? They are willing to listen and often times offer a shoulder to cry on and you feel close to them. So if that close confidant happens to share someone else’s secret to you then chances are your problems are going to end up as their gossip material with someone else.




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