Kimmidolls are pretty and there are a lot of designs to choose from. Plus taking pictures of these lovelies are far more satisfying than selfies 😀 These dolls inspired me to start a photo project using only my mobile phone and doing the editing on the flickr mobile app itself or using snapseed for android.

Despite looking similar to traditional Japanese Kokeshi dolls and having Japanese sounding names, Kimmidolls are not from Japan. These are from an Australian company. I’m not sure if they are actually made in Australia because there are nicks, scratches and smudges on new dolls. Packaging looks good but the dolls are glued to the plastic encasing them to keep it from turning around.

Dolls come in different sizes and these are some of the “mini” dolls I have, each about 2.5 inch tall. All the quoted spirit description are printed on the packaging. Check out all the dolls and their spirit descriptions on


Yoriko Dependable

“My spirit is steady and true. Your steady nature and trustworthy character reflect my faithful spirit. May your dependable way bring happiness and purpose to your life every day.”


Mana Lovely

“My spirit is endearing and enchanting. With your sweet temperament and adorable ways you share my lovely spirit. Everywhere you go and in everything you do may the world always see all that is enchanting and beautiful in you.”

Nobuko Believe

“My spirit gives direction and brings purpose. By living what you believe, your actions will always find their true direction. May my spirit guide you each day and bring all that is positive, purposeful and meaningful into your life.”

Sayaka Pure Beauty

“My spirit is precious and perfect. With your sweet innocence and unaffected charm, you share with the world the beauty and purity of my spirit. To those who truly cherish and love you, you are and always will be precious, perfect and pure.”
I have a dozen mini dolls photographed in my flickr set which can be viewed here.


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