5 Tips to Enjoy Malacca

A friend and I took an impromptu weekend trip from Singapore to Malacca and these are tips I would like to remember for future trips. I’m the type to relax and chill on vacations so it will take several more trips to fully explore Malacca.

1. Book bus seats early
Bus stop enroute to Malacca :DWe booked our bus online on the same week and the only available seats left were on the last row. Choosing the ones with expensive fare online does not guarantee it’s going to be a comfortable bus ride. We picked Luxury Coach Service going there and Konsortium for the return trip. Both have old seats that have seen better days.

2. Yummy Malaysian snacks
On the way to Malacca, the bus will make a rest stop and there is a huge grocery there selling local treats. Grab all the yummy local goodies you fancy because the bus return route will have no such stop. We skipped buying thinking we have another chance later and eventually went home empty handed.

3. Getting around Malacca
Colorful Rides - MalaccaWe found our hotel in agoda.com and we enjoyed our stay… when we eventually got there. We figured taxis are easy to find since it’s a tourist destination but it seems our luck was down that day. Taxi was hard to find and we ended up walking 2km from where the bus dropped us off. I don’t mind walking and that distance is easy peachy walk in Singapore but Malacca does not have sidewalks outside the main tourist area so it’s a bit dangerous. Next time, check if your hotel has pickup service.

Taxis when you do get them will not turn on their meter and it’s best to have a rough idea how much it usually cost to move from one place to the next so you can haggle with the driver before getting inside the cab.

The trishaws around Jonker street were really colourful and interesting but they shied away from touring two fatties in one vehicle. Lol I can’t blame them 😀

4. Timing visits to tourist spots
towards Jonker St. Malacca We left at 8AM and eventually reached Malacca at 2PM then another hour to get to our hotel. By the time we were ready to roam around it was already 4PM. I wanted to try the chicken rice balls in Jonker street and planned to have that for dinner but by past 6 PM the shops said all finished for the day so next time I will have this as early as possible.

5. Camera gears to pack
I should have brought my tripod because the scenic spots were well lit at night and the river dusk view was really pretty. Jonker street turns into an interesting night market on weekends and the street was packed so a faster lens than my handy walkabout kit would have been nice.


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