Love found and lost

When you stopped talking to me, I was frustrated and mad because I can’t reach you. I wanted to know what I did wrong so I can try to fix it. After a few days when I was got tired of being mad, the cold shoulder treatment started to hurt. It hurts and you know me well enough to guess how much it hurts me to be ignored.
    I started wondering why you suddenly disappeared. Worried you might be sick, I tried asking a common friend how you were doing and was really disappointed to know you were fine and just not talking to me. At this point I concluded it’s a punishment for offending you and if it occurred on the last night we met … I was tired and PMSing but I can’t apologize now since we’ve stopped talking.
    I started wondering why it hurts so much. I’ve lost friends before but it never really hurt this much for this long.   Introspection led me to understand it hurts this much cause I care a lot. I think I fell in love with you and did not realize I was hoping for more in our relationship.  Friends you can deal with but more… I guess you saw and don’t want. It is after all kinder to break off now than later.
    Anyway, it’s too late now.  It hurts a lot to miss you.  I just wished I got to say good bye.  So yeah, I love you and good bye.


2 thoughts on “Love found and lost

  1. I understand what has happened to you. Only thing you could do is tell them how you and hope to god they feel the same. Otherwise, it is painful to just accept but moving on and forward probably is for the best.

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