First trip.

This is my first visit to US and everything seems to be bigger, the roads seem never ending and the weather is cold – other girls here are like wearing tank tops and shorts while I’m all bundled up.

Most people from my team got sent here for a couple of weeks to work closely with other teams already on the technology platform that we are intending to use. It’s easier to catch and grab people for information when you are in the same timezone. Work has been interesting and the vibe here is totally different from Singapore. People are energetic and willing try things, risk and generally be more innovative.

I’m totally dependent on my colleagues for transportation around here so my weekends depends on what the drivers intend to do/visit. So far I have been to a forest and hugged a huge redwood tree, got really chilled and windblown trying to take pictures of the Golden Gate bridge, sat on a park eating clam chowder to warm up while birds avidly watch waiting for crumbs and unexpected ran into a nude group cycling around the city.

We’ve had several bloopers like when we had to buy petrol, we did not know it was self-service here and we stood there trying to find instructions on how to work the machine. It was late and cold, when someone finally came to buy gas, they were nice enough to patiently explain and show us how. One thing that bothers me is tipping, why can’t the restaurants just include the service charge on the bill then calculating tip won’t be required?

It’s an eye opener and though the work days tend to be longer I am glad to have had this chance to come over and learn from here.

Drakes BeachThe featured image is from Peter Behr Overlook – Point Reyes. The stretch of beach is called Drake Beach. For hi-res please visit my flickr.


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