Moshi Moshi ^_^

I honestly never used any compiled languages for work before. Once in a while I will try and do a “hello world” program in a language that caught my interest. So for my latest personal project, I am trying out android development. Why? Cause I have an android phone and my friends who actually works as android developers say it is interesting and “easy” to pick up. Plus I am experiencing a bad case of Java envy. hehe

So far I have completed this tutorial and learned 3 things.
– ctrl + shift + O is my friend
– xml xml xml xml and more xml
– double clicking terms on Eclipse brings up related help entries… so cool! (I came from Neanderthal breed that uses vim for work ^_^)

Oh and just a few moments ago I realized how my phone sucks! I can’t get the OEM driver for HTC chacha.  Serves me right for being such a cheapskate. LOL


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