Happy at my watercolor progress

I started to learn watercolor from YouTube videos around October 2015. All I can do then is follow instructions on videos. After practicing for several months I can now happily draw simple things from my life, from what I see around me. 

At first I just followed along tutorials then slowly I became aware of details like color theory, perspective, vanishing point and etc.  from helpful people who shared their talent and knowledge freely on YouTube. 

It makes me really happy to see what I can paint now and I’m looking forward to learning more. 

Thank you to the following wonderful people in YouTube:

Alphonso Dunn shares a lot of art tutorials and I learned a lot about drawing from him. He’s so clear and patient in explaining everything I needed to know to improve at drawing. 

Teoh Yi Chie shares a lot of product reviews and tips on urban sketching. I can’t afford to go buy art supplies to try them out so his channel really helped me pick out supplies I can practice with. 

Steve Mitchell of The Mind of Watercolor channel is a goldmine of watercolor tips and techniques. 

Fanstasvale who’s colorful and fun channel inspired me to learn watercolor a few years ago. Her watercolor tutorial introduced me to the endorphin rush completing a painting gives.  

I follow a lot of talented people in YouTube but I really feel like I owe what I can do now to them. 


Sometimes unavoidable situations happen that leaves us distraught but we are forced to move on due to circumstances and fail to have any sort of closure.  

Over two years ago I got retrenched from a job that I really loved at first then eventually just hanged on because I really liked my colleagues. We were expecting the retrenchment but still felt the jar when it eventually happened. As a result I decided to move back home and rethink my future. Everything happened in a blur and years later I began to realize I did not get the closure to really move on with my life. 

Last night I dreamt I actually resigned and went back to say goodbye properly to the people who mattered to me. I woke up relieved and happy. It was just a dream but a closure nonetheless so I’ll take it.  Thank God.

Negros Island

Negros island is the fourth largest in the Philippine archipelago and one of the major producer of sugar in the country. It’s a common sight to see sugarcane fields lining the road especially towards the northern part of the island where a lot of sugar mills are located.

Romantic Negros Island

Sugar became the most important agricultural export of the Philippines between the late 18th century and mid 1970s. During these sugar boom years, affluent Negrenses built beautiful mansions, most of which survived world war II. A walk around Silay City, where most of these beautiful houses were built, shows visitors a glimpse of the lifestyle of rich sugarcane planters in the island.


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As We Gather

I was asked to accompany our local church choir recently and was really sad that I was not able to play the keyboard well cause I still need lots of practice. I’m grateful though for the chance to serve with whatever stage my talent is at. Since then I’ve been practicing and I plan to record each song to help me recall later how it’s done. I’m not familiar with most of the songs used so I’ve written down the melody using MuseScore.

The choir sings “As We Gather” for the entrance and their version is only the first verse sung over and over until the priest reaches the altar.


As we gather may Your Spirit work within us
As we gather may we glorify Your name
Knowing well that as our hearts begin to worship
We’ll be blessed because we came
We’ll be blessed because we came

Music sheet: https://www.dropbox.com/s/squwm6wa8b2gxga/As%20We%20Gather.pdf?dl=0

Family Baby’s 1st Road Trip

My sister had a dangerous pregnancy. From the foetus sitting too low in her womb, her amniotic fluid leaking, her blood pressure rising and a lot more. We were scared for her but all we can do is pray.  So Mama and I went to Barangay Simala in the town of Cacar, Cebu. I’ve been there before and my previous prayer request was heard and answered so I wanted to go back to give thanks and my mom came along to pray for my very pregnant sister.

With heartfelt prayers to Mama Mary for her intercession on our behalf to our Lord Jesus to safely deliver my sister’s baby and bless both mother and child with good health, which we believed at that time would have take a miracle to achieve.  Once again our prayers were answered and we set off together with the miracle baby to give thanks at Simala.

Taking the baby along proved to be quite a logistics challenge because of all the accessories used to care for the baby — rocker, bottles, steriliser, clothes, bedrolls and lots of other supplies. We eventually decided to just drive all the way from home with our luggage distributed between two cars. Driving from one island to another is a first for me and most of my family. We relied on google maps to find our way – this trip would have been impossible without google maps.

Watercolor Paper Quality Matters

A friend advised me to find and use the best watercolor paper in local stores because I will appreciate painting more on quality material. I was hesitant at first because paper here is expensive and I’m still learning from online tutorials. I was happy to practice on the affordable paper I initially found because most of the tutorials I was watching was showing wet on dry painting until I happen to and fell in love with Fantasvale’s tutorials. The watercolor tutorials on Fantasvale are mostly wet on wet and I found it hard to follow with my paper so I searched around and found a store that sells paper per piece and got just one. It does not have a name but the paper is nice, thick and cost seven times my current paper.

Using this new paper I tried to follow another Fantasvale tutorial and found it easier to work, the paper can hold so much more water and the color blends better. Even with my clumsy attempts the outcome is the nicest one so far. So yeah, paper quality matters a lot.


Learning to Mix Colors

I’ve been happily stumbling along learning how to paint with watercolors by watching Youtube videos but I can’t really follow most of the tutorials because I can’t even mix the right colors. That is until I happened to watch how watercolour charts are done as demonstrated by Teoh Yi Chie from parkablogs.com .

My color charts did not come out as nicely done as Mr Teoh’s but it really helped me a lot on finally getting different shades of colors mixed right.


I used my color chart to figure out how to mix highlight and shadows for my last two drawings and it came out nicer than it would have been otherwise. I’m happy and really grateful for the wonderful people who shares their talent on Youtube.


yellow flower


in memory of my lost faved stuffy — crocky

Checkout Teoh Yi Chie’s channel for a lot of useful reviews and tips for drawing. Really really helpful.

Fun and Fantastic Watercolor Tutorial

I love ART TV by Fantasvale

Her watercolor tutorials are fun to watch, the examples are so beautiful and her accent is adorable. I’m a noob when it comes to watercolor or any form of painting whatsoever and my friends know I can’t draw but by following the tips and tutorials shared by Fantasvale I was able to create my own popsicles watercolor 😀 Continue reading

From just watching to actually trying

What do you do on days when electricity keeps getting disrupted, internet access is too slow and the weather keeps you indoors?

Had one of those days recently and decided to try my hand at painting watercolor. I can’t draw well and the last time I tried watercolor was at least a couple of decades ago. I’ve been watching how to videos on YouTube because it was recommended. YouTube got it right,  I was interested and started watching which brought me to finally trying.

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Music Video

I’ve gone back to school for a post graduate degree in Information Technology. This semester I picked a course in multimedia as part of my elective and it required that students produce a music video as part of the final requirements.

I chose the song Dare You to Move by switchfoot and tried to show the difference between being lazy and hardworking. Hopefully, entitled teens will wake up and realise they need to work for what they want.